Let’s go for the whole potato!

The Netherlands has been an important stakeholder in promoting and developing the production and use of the potato crop in Tanzania. The Netherlands is the world’s major supplier of certified seed potatoes with different strengths, characteristics and uses, providing more opportunities and choices for both farmers and the market.

In Tanzania, the potato sector has potential for growth and continues to be a reliable source of employment, especially to the youth. The sector contributes to increased income and ensures food security and nutrition.

Despite the potential production, the consumption of the crop is still low. The average annual consumption of potatoes per capita in Tanzania is 35.1Kgs compared to 87.3Kgs in the Netherlands and 31.3Kgs monthly of global per capita consumption. However, this can be changed through sustainable partnership and consolidated efforts and synergies among stakeholders across the potato sector.

This short documentary aims to bring alight the importance of the sector and the call for action to accelerate efforts to address challenges and to tap into opportunities presented by the sector. Half a potato is good, but a whole potato is better!