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  1. Tanzania: Newsletter 2 of 2023

    Dear Partners, I am pleased to introduce the second edition of our newsletter. Our editorial team is happy to bring you the ...

    Nieuwsbrief | 21-07-2023

  2. Tanzania: Newsletter 1 of 2023

    A very warm welcome to this special edition! This is the first time the Agriculture and Economic Teams have joined forces to ...

    Nieuwsbrief | 12-05-2023

  3. TANZANIA: Larive for RVO- Technical and Financial training - Data driven

    Understanding key parameters in fishery such as water quality and feeding requirements is essential to determine optimal fish ...

    Rapport | 28-02-2023

  4. Let’s go for the whole potato!

    The Netherlands has been an important stakeholder in promoting and developing the production and use of the potato crop in ...

    Video | 05-12-2022

  5. Kenya and Tanzania: Poultry Health Seminar

    Presentation by Royal GD Animal Health Poultry Health Seminar: Preventive measures and Gut Health

    Rapport | 22-11-2022

  6. Tanzania: Newsletter 3rd edition 2022

    Welcome to the third and very special edition of the Embassy Agri newsletter. This edition is contains two parts; firstly the ...

    Nieuwsbrief | 09-11-2022

  7. Tanzania: Poultry Subsector - Compliance with Standard Operating Procedures in raising healthy broiler chicken

    The study’s main objective is to offer information about broiler chicken farmers’ compliance with Standard Operating Procedures ...

    Rapport | 26-07-2022

  8. Newsletter Agriculture Tanzania 2022 - 02

    We are happy to share our second newsletter for 2022. The newsletter covers interesting subjects and topics, notably continuing ...

    Nieuwsbrief | 22-07-2022

  9. Biologische groenten uit Tanzania

    Video | 04-11-2021

  10. Sustainable Poultry Sector Best Practices in Tanzania

    Download here the Impact Cluster brochure

    Brochure | 18-06-2021