Alternative proteins for animal feed Tanzania

The Tanzanian animal feed industry is key to a sustainable and competitive livestock industry. It has been projected in the Tanzania Livestock Master Plan (April, 2017)  that the deficit in red meat demand in the future will be covered by white meat (poultry and fish).

Currently, the main constraint to achieving production ambitions is the availability of affordable and cost effective animal feed. The high cost and scarcity of currently used protein sources make production expensive and increase the price of animal products. Traditionally, feed millers are dependent on conventional sources of raw materials such as soy meal to manufacture feed. These materials normally compete with human consumption which  limits their access and utilization and therefore increases the final cost for animal feed.

Alternative proteins for animal feed

The Netherlands Embassy in January 2022 commissioned a study to explore available alternatives to raw materials for feed manufacturing focusing on circular protein sources. The result of the study will inform potential for commercial production and utilization of alternative sources.