Investment opportunities for marine fisheries in Kenya and Tanzania

East Africa has great potential for marine fisheries due to its rich marine natural resources. Moreover, there is a readily available market for fish, given the large quantities of fish imported from abroad. Professionalizing the fishing fleet, port and processing industries are therefore major opportunities to increase food security in the region and create employment opportunities.

The Embassy commissioned a scoping mission on marine fisheries through the Wageningen Marine Research institute.  This report for Tanzania was presented during the Tanzania day, which was attended by 200 companies from the agricultural and fisheries sectors. The session regarding marine fisheries was well attended, confirming the interest of the private sector to invest in the East Africa blue economy. Opportunities identified for both Kenya and Tanzania include reducing the post-harvest losses by improving fish handling, processing and storage facilities. Diversification of activities by developing sea weed and shrimp production are additional opportunities identified in the studies. The full reports can be found using the links below.

You can read the Kenyan and Tanzanian full reports by clicking on the links.

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