Sourcing Fruits & Vegetables

The Embassy commissioned Match Maker Associates to carry out a study that provides an analysis of the performance and sourcing of fruits and vegetables from Kenya and Tanzania to various markets. The study maps the availability of produce; the production regions and timing of production. It also gives an overview of the supply and demand cycles; estimates the demand within the East African Region and in the EU and identifies (niche) products that could be interesting for the Dutch and EU market.

I. Mapping of EU Fresh Produce Market is the first phase of the study. It provides clear overview of a potential matches of key horticultural products from Kenya and Tanzania with the EU market. Thereafter, potential areas for investments  are identified and presented in order of priority and possible further steps are highlighted.

The study presents a clear picture of the horticultural sector (fresh fruits and vegetables) in Kenya and Tanzania. II. Scoping Horticulture study in Kenya explains in detail the growth of the sector, which produce is available in what period, and which obstacles Kenyan farmers still face when exporting to the European market. III. Scoping Horticulture study in Tanzania gives an overview of the different regions involved in the growth of fruits and vegetables and which regions and produce show clear potential for further development and investment.

IV. Synthesis report  provides a summary of the key findings, prviding a starting point for the more detailed main country scoping reports and the EU market study. V. Business cases  is the last phase. A total of eight business cases have been identified and elaborated upon. These cases are among the many business opportunities that were identified and presented in previous phases of this study. The identified business cases have been developed in consultation with the private sector companies, who were eager to venture into new business lines or consolidate and expand their current lines of business.

The results and recommendations from the report can provide Dutch traders of fruits and vegetables with an overview of opportunities to enter into strategic collaboration in the horticultural market in these two countries.

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