Demonstrating Dutch technology for a sustainable poultry sector in Tanzania

The poultry sector in Tanzania is emerging steadily both in indigenous and exotic chicken and has great potential. For the past few years, Tanzania’s population has been growing rapidly, increasing the demand for animal protein. The potential of the poultry sector in Tanzania opens opportunities for investments. Growing with Chicken was built to unlock Tanzania’s potential in poultry and to make the poultry sector a dynamic, vibrant and competitive sector.

As a cluster of Dutch companies the ‘Kukua na Kuku’ (Growing with Chicken) partnership promises farmers to increase their efficiency, productivity and the quality of their produce by learning from the cluster’s agricultural expertise and experience. The aim is to improve farm management, animal health, marketing and ensure the availability of quality feed and suitable equipment. The consortium partners believe that by investing in the entire value chain the sector will be unlocking its full potential and, in turn, will catalyze the growth of demand for good quality poultry products. 

Establishment of training center in Kilimanjaro

In collaboration with the local partner Kilacha Agriculture and Livestock Training Institute (KALTI), a production and training center has been established in Kilimanjaro. Through tailor-made training and manuals, farmers and trainers have increased their knowledge and skills in the areas of animal health, farm management and food safety. By setting up a training facility and demonstration farm the cluster invests in the future as this will allow a transfer of knowledge and expertise throughout the entire value chain. There is a strong belief in future-proof solutions; in addition to training a large numbers of farmers on farm management, the cluster will also improve the further dissemination of this acquired knowledge by developing the trainees’ educational skills. 

Layer farm that has been built as a demonstration farm for practical training purposes

Training of the trainer

Online training on animal health conducted by G.D Animal Health from the Netherlands

Next to building the capacity of a large number of farmers, the cluster also ensures further dissemination of acquired knowledge by developing the trainees’ educational skills. The first training of trainers (ToT) took place in December 2019.  The training modals covering areas of animal health, farm management and food safety was developed. However, the project was challenged by the corona outbreak. Physical meetings, trainings were not possible due to travel restrictions from the Dutch side. In the midst of corona, still online training could take place including physical trainings at the demo farm for trainees in Tanzania. So far, through Kilacha demonstration farm, several practical trainings on raising layer took place. The ToT’s have been successful as many poultry farmers have been trained and then gone on to share the knowledge and skills that have learned within their communities.  

Training of the trainer

“I have learnt a lot from the Kukua na Kuku training. It has really increased my understanding and knowledge which I will pass to my fellow farmers within my community” said  Mr. Tadei Ndunguru, a local poultry farmer from Morogoro, Tanzania where he hosts trainings for people within his community. 

Project impact

Tanzania and the Netherlands are important trade partners and maintaining a valuable partnership towards a sustainable food sector is crucial. Innovation and highly efficient production, in combination with working in partnerships with companies, knowledge institutes and government organizations, has made the Netherlands a global leader in the poultry sector. With this knowledge and experience, the Dutch sector contributes to a sustainable and strong market in Tanzania.

More information

A report on market trends and consumer behavior for the poultry sector gives a good overview and recommendation on  branding and promotion of consumption of poultry in Tanzania. For the latest information on Tanzania’s poultry sector, click this link.

Are you interested in finding out more about the Kukua na Kuku project? Do you see synergies and interested in exploring Dutch Poultry technologies? Then reach out to Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC) by sending an email to the Cluster Coordinator, Femke Dekker NABC is the lead partner and project manager of this Public Private Partnership!         

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