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Romanian soft drinks producers say overtaxing sugar drinks will lead to layoffs

Romania's government won't collect as much as it expects from its proposed tax on sugary drinks, the national association of soft ...

Nieuwsbericht | 11-09-2019 | 10:56

Romanian EU Presidency: closure of 11 files in agriculture & fishery including unfair commercial practices

Romania has closed 11 files in the field of agriculture, rural development and fisheries in the six months in which it held the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 09-09-2019 | 10:25

Roemeens-Nederlandse samenwerking in groen onderwijs

Roemenië en Nederland willen samenwerken om het agrarisch onderwijs in Roemenië te versterken. Een Roemeense vertegenwoordiging ...

Nieuwsbericht | 06-09-2019 | 13:36

Romania's employment rate for recent tertiary graduates above EU average

The employment rate for EU graduates aged 20 -34 who had attained a tertiary level education within the previous three years was ...

Nieuwsbericht | 06-09-2019 | 10:12

Creation of new Romanian Agency for Agri-Food Products Quality and Marketing

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis signed into law the Bill on the creation of the Agency for Agri-Food Products Quality and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 04-09-2019 | 10:07

Romanian Fruit Trade during January - April 2019

Romania exported January through April of 2019 fruit worth EUR 11.1 million, down by 18.1 pct as compared to last year's similar ...

Nieuwsbericht | 02-09-2019 | 10:00

Romanian MinAgri: RO Honey, wine and beef, could reach China

Honey, wine and beef could be among the agro-food products to be exported to China, the transportation of which from Romania ...

Nieuwsbericht | 28-08-2019 | 10:49

Romanian–Dutch partnership in agri-education sector

Joint learning from rural challenges and opportunities. Together with representatives of Romanian educational institutes, a ...

Nieuwsbericht | 23-08-2019 | 14:35

Romanian Agriculture accounted for 4.3% of GDP growth in 2018

The Romanian agricultural sector contributed 4.3% of the country's economic growth in 2018, compared with 4.4% in 2017, according ...

Nieuwsbericht | 10-07-2019 | 11:47

Romania: 44 irrigation projects finalised with EU funds

A number of 44 irrigation infrastructure investment projects, worth a total of 12 million euros, were finalized until now through ...

Nieuwsbericht | 08-07-2019 | 11:35