New EU funds for Romanian investments in fruit farms

The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has start in 8th January 2024 the project call for investment measure 'DR-15 - Investments in fruit farms', a key intervention of the Strategic CAP Plan 2023 - 2027.

This initiative contributes to the achievement of a number of specific CAP objectives, i.e. increasing the competitiveness of fruit farms through the provision of machinery and equipment, the establishment, modernization and/or expansion of processing units, the establishment of orchards, the conversion of existing orchards and increasing the area occupied by fruit tree nurseries.

The session will run from January 8, 2024, 9am to April 30, 2024, 4pm.

The financial allocation for the project submission session is EUR 151,383,527, of which:

- Component establishment and modernization of fruit farms - €142,383,527

- Component establishment and modernization of fruit tree nurseries - €9,000,000

Fruittree farms

The beneficiaries of this session are farmers (except natural persons), agricultural cooperatives and cooperative associations serving the interests of their members, producer groups and organizations recognized by MARD, established under the applicable national legislation and serving their interests.

The non-repayable aid granted through intervention DR-15 is up to 65% of eligible costs, with a maximum of €1,500,000/project, except for projects involving the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment, the cost of which cannot exceed €300,000.

MARD hopes to receive many innovative projects that can contribute to the sustainable development of the fruit sector in Romania.

Further information, including the applicant guide and the necessary forms, can be found (in Romanian) at