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  1. Farmer protests in Poland

    A farmers' protest has been going on for several days across Poland. They are blocking roads in more than 100 locations across ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 23-02-2024 | 10:55

  2. Polish farmers interested in renewable energy

    Polish farmers are actively seeking investments in renewable energy and farm energy efficiency improvements. Over PLN 6.5 million ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 19-02-2024 | 08:24

  3. Flower seminar for Polish retail chains

    For almost 20 years the market for flowers and plants is growing in Poland. But it boosted 7-8 years ago-on the moment when ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 12-01-2024 | 10:52

  4. Economische missie naar Polen

    Bent u actief in de agri-technologie, maakindustrie of bent u betrokken bij duurzame mobiliteit? Wilt u de mogelijkheden ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 11-01-2024 | 16:21

  5. XIV International symposium on flower bulbs and herbaceous perennials in Warsaw, Poland

    This symposium brings together scientists, breeders and experts working on ornamental geophytes and herbaceous perennials from ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 11-01-2024 | 13:06

  6. Cheese market in Poland

    Cheeses are so deeply rooted in Poles' menus that nothing can weaken their position: the volume of purchases of both yellow and ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 08-01-2024 | 10:09

  7. New Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland

    Czeslaw Siekierski is an experienced politician - for many years he worked not only in the Polish Parliament, but also in the ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 03-01-2024 | 14:34

  8. Circular week in Poland

    The last week of October saw Circular week in Warsaw, a series of events dedicated to the circular economy, with the Embassy of ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 31-10-2023 | 10:16

  9. Fruit processing industry in Poland

    The fruit processing is a well-developed sector of the Polish food industry. Its development is supported by a rich and growing ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 17-10-2023 | 10:12

  10. Poland: PIB Soil Improvement in action

    In November 2022, the 3-year PIB project on improvement of soil quality in Poland was signed. The project consists of a ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 10-10-2023 | 16:44