Curtains down on an extraordinary edition of Myplant & Garden in Italy

Finally the numbers are in: with 23.000 visitors , 654 exhibitors, 150 foreign buyers delegations, 85 foreign purchase teams and 300 journalists, the 2023 edition has undoubtedly been the most successful so far.

An International Trade Show with the Netherlands at the Top

Buyers and operators came from all corners of the world (with a 20% growth in presence from the Middle East) and represented all categories of the sector: landscaping, floriculture and cut flowers, horticulture and nurseries, pots, machinery, maintenance, soils, seeds and sport grounds. Decision makers came from large distribution chains (garden centers, DYI, Home & Garden, e-commerce), the public sector, planning and development, event organization and hospitality, in search of products, innovations and solutions for floristry, gardens, horticulture, machinery and technology.

The Netherlands was the first foreign Country as to number of exhibitors and the third overall, following the two Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto: counting on 50 companies present individually or as a collective (Weddingflowers and Greenn), the Dutch stated their presence showcasing high quality products covering plants and cut flowers, bulbs, garden gear and high tech garden solutions.

Myplant & Garden 2023 has inspired its visitors, spreading enthusiasm, offering new business opportunities, showing new trends and innovative solutions, and presenting a series of initiatives along the lines of five major themes that are likely to be developed in its future editions:

  • Urban forestation, where Myplant has the ambition of becoming one of the main reference points
  • Arboriculture, with products, services and devices for arboriculture professionals
  • Smart mobility, showcasing products, services, technology, infrastructure, and accessories for soft mobility
  • Innovation with Myplantech, an area dedicated to robotics, digitalization, technology for water and energy management, ecological transition, and circular economy
  • Wonder corner, dedicated to weddings, celebrations and gifts
Beeld: ©Charles Lansdorp


The Dutch Embassy and Consulate General could not miss this opportunity and were again present with the collective of Dutch companies Weddingflowers, a display of some of the best Dutch production of cut flowers, and news around wedding organization, which has risen the most important target group in Italy. Started in 2018, Weddingflowers is an ongoing collaboration between Dutch Embassy and Consulate General, Myplant & Garden and it is a platform that continues to develop year after year with exhibition areas, installations, special events, fashion shows, live demonstrations and workshops. Weddingflowers offers growers and breeders the opportunity to present their novelties and encourages them towards an increasingly more sustainable flower production.

Beeld: ©Aaltje van Giessen

The Dutch Experience

Talking with various Dutch exhibitors, it was interesting to see how the experiences, expectations and results varied: there was the young yet experienced and resourceful entrepreneur -presenting a stunning variety of chrysanthemums - who had made a bald move last year returning to a trade show still suffering from the restraints of the pandemic, just to be compensated by the acquisition of new clients with whom ties could be further strengthened this year; there was the grower who proudly decided to be part of the possible solution to the current climate related issues, by aiming at a 100% sustainable product, embodied in beautiful organically grown anthuriums packed in biodegradable pots and cellophane, which they totally commit to although the market is not fully ripe for it; and there was the exporter, showcasing breathtaking orchids, who could not miss this trade show since Italy is their main export country which generously rewarded them during the pandemic with a booming market for potted plants.

And, to conclude, we would like to share with you the irresistible enthusiasm of Aaltje van Giessen of Kwekerij Waalzicht by Jan van Wijk, a nursery present at the Weddingflower stand in collaboration with the nursery of young enterpreneur Ariën van Wijk of Sunrise Holland: both companies treasure the secrets of the trade of the Van Wijk family of growers, who in the years have specialised  in growing lisianthus. After skipping the last edition, they were again at Myplant & Garden, displaying the BigSun lisianthus - a new variety with very large, double flowers, particularly suitable for weddings and events - to the attention of florists, wedding designers and wholesalers. Especially the brown variety was highly praised at the trade show, by buyers, specialists and and the public: to put it in her own words “…the interest at the fair was overwhelming! And the reactions very positive. Everyone thinks it's a wonderful product. So we are very pleased with that! We look back to a very successful exhibition”.

And we look forward to next year: arrivederci a Myplant & Garden 2024.