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Young farmers org. NAJK and AGIA met at our Embassy for interesting exchanging of experiences and views on present and future of agriculture, about access to land and capital, about NL and IT policy on food and agriculture and about CAP. @NAJKtweets @AgroBericht @Agia14 @minlnv

21 dagen geleden
LAN Rome @Agri_Italie

Presentatie ITA Ministeries BZ en Landbouw week vd ‘Italiaanse keuken in de wereld’. 1400 events in 130 landen. Promotie ITA agrofoodsector niet alleen food, maar ook cultuur, identiteit, kwaliteit biodiversiteit, gezondheid, toerisme, systeem. Traditie én innovatie @AgroBericht

26 dagen geleden
LAN Rome @Agri_Italie

55 Italian florists are in the Netherlands with @Faxiflora learning more about the production of high quality flowers, visiting growers, auction @FloraHolland, trade fair IFTF and exhibition from @Paulusfloralus @KeukenhofCastle @AgroBericht @MyplantGarden @Floweracademy @ifelini

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