Sowing Seeds of Learning: Agricultural Advisors Regional Conference 2023

The air was filled with anticipation as colleagues from Sub-Saharan and Middle East / Northern African Netherlands Missions gathered for the inaugural regional meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Set against the backdrop of the green city in the sun, this learning event marked a significant milestone for the agriculture advisors promising a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

AA Regional Conference 2023 - image 15

As the event unfolded, it became evident that this regional meeting was not just a routine assembly of colleagues; it was a dynamic platform designed to ignite conversations, foster collaboration, and elevate the collective expertise of those working in the various Embassies. The opening remarks from LAN and Agriculture Counselor set the tone for the days ahead, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in the pursuit of our collective roles.

Together with the various AAs the planning team strategically curated a diverse program, reflecting the varied interests and challenges faced by the colleagues in the region. The topics included Climate smart agriculture, Agrologistics, alternative proteins and innovations in potato. From the very outset, the focus was on inclusivity, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their role or background, felt a sense of belonging to this shared endeavor. Interactive learning sessions became the heartbeat of the event, transforming theoretical concepts into tangible skills. In these sessions the participants engaged in discussions and debates on the various areas that their Embassies were focusing on in exploring sustainable practices tailored to the unique demands of the regions.

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The Field visits provided a unique opportunity for participants to step onto the practical part of their work. It was here, amidst the insects, crops and soil, that the theories discussed in meeting rooms came to life. The visits took place at Terrasol, InsectiPro, Mlango Farm (including the Solynta project) and NatureLock. Colleagues exchanged insights, shared success stories, and debated challenges, creating a dynamic environment where learning flowed seamlessly from one individual to another.

To view the field visit of the Agricultural Advisors to Mlango Farm / Solynta project,

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Whether during coffee breaks, meals, and the visits the participants found common ground, forming bonds that transcended their specific roles. The sense of community that emerged was a testament to the power of bringing people together in a shared pursuit of knowledge and progress.

As the final day of the regional meeting drew to a close, the landscape had transformed. What was once a gathering filled with anticipation had evolved into a “community” empowered by newfound knowledge, strengthened networks, and a shared commitment to advancing agriculture in the region. The success of this inaugural regional meeting set the stage for future collaborative regional meetings, leaving an indelible mark on the participants as they perform their roles in the various stations.

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