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The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture published a new vision on Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The Netherlands aims to be one of the leading countries in the world to implement a full circular economy in the green sectors. Curious? Check out the link. facebook.com/DutchEmbassyIr…

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Growing lettuce using saline water in a Hydroponic system. These varieties are performing great with a salt concentration of 7 dS/m. This approach helps to conserve (fresh) water and a similar system can be suitable for many areas around the world. #salinefarming #hydroponics pic.twitter.com/dyz5Fdzk3n

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We need to produce more food with less resources. Transforming agriculture and our food systems is vital to achieving sustainable development and a #ZeroHunger 🌍 #AgInnovationnpic.twitter.com/kPSSqwVi2jj

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