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Agriculture, food and beverage Indonesia – Eurocham Position Paper 2018

The EuroCham Position Paper 2018 summarizes Indonesia’s key sectors performance in 2017, highlighting Agriculture and Food and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 22-03-2018 | 05:22

International Symposia on Horticulture, 27-30 November 2018, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

It is well known that The Dutch horticultural sector is a global trendsetter supplying markets all over the globe, as well as ...

Nieuwsbericht | 21-03-2018 | 05:19

MEATLESS, an alternative solution to balanced protein intake, a healthy diet

The unprecedented rapid rise of global meat consumption is projected to climb over 40% by 2030.  That is equivalent to a yearly ...

Nieuwsbericht | 12-03-2018 | 09:50

Soft Launch Demonstration Project of Shallots in Indonesia

On Friday, 24 February 2018,  soft launching a demonstration project of shallots grown from seeds took place in Sumbawa, Nusa ...

Nieuwsbericht | 01-03-2018 | 17:19

Joint Cooperation of Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Kebun Raya Bogor and EWINDO

On the 23rd of February, PT East West Seed Indonesia (Ewindo) together with the Dutch Embassy signed a cooperation agreement with ...

Nieuwsbericht | 23-02-2018 | 12:09

Indonesia within the 100 Years of Wageningen University

Relation between Indonesia and WUR defined for development cooperation The article by Albert Sikkema portrays how Indonesia ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-02-2018 | 08:40

Agriculture For Our Common Future: Indonesian Vocational Teachers visited The Netherlands

Farming has enormous impacts on the world’s most critical resources. At a global level, food production faces multiple limiting ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-02-2018 | 08:12

Media Gathering “Agriculture for Our Common Future” in Indonesia

Jakarta - On 30 January 2018, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jakarta, Indonesia organized a media gathering ...

Nieuwsbericht | 07-02-2018 | 07:49

The Merapi and Merbabu Project in Indonesia

The Merapi and Merbabu project is a community based sustainable landscape management project to protect and conserve Merapi and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 31-01-2018 | 09:06

New DHI Round

RvO announced the first call for DHI in 2018. DHI, a subsidy scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 19-01-2018 | 05:28