Indonesia within the 100 Years of Wageningen University

Relation between Indonesia and WUR defined for development cooperation

The article by Albert Sikkema portrays how Indonesia became the model for the development relation between Wageningen University and Asian, African and Latin American countries.

Wisma Wageningen
Sugar Plantation

Reshaping the format of Development Cooperation

The global brand of Wageningen was started by Wageningen students in the Dutch East Indies, but the development relations today are mainly shaped by international master students and PhD candidates who come to Wageningen for education.

In the new situation, Wageningen stopped building experimental gardens and faculties around the world and focused on educating students and PhDs. In the current development cooperation, these PhDs are often the catalysts for market and policy processes in their country, Including Indonesia.

At this moment Wageningen has around 20 research projects in the country. For example, the faculty of Animal Science in Bogor receives assistance from Wageningen since 2015 in setting up an Animal Logistics degree programme, where a growing number of students from the faculty are now doing their PhDs in Wageningen. Also the collaboration between Wageningen and Brawijaya University in Malang has been growing in recent years. The university is now developing joint research projects in the fields of agronomy, forestry and livestock.

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