The Merapi and Merbabu Project in Indonesia

The Merapi and Merbabu project is a community based sustainable landscape management project to protect and conserve Merapi and Merbabu area in Central Java. The participating communities will have enhanced skill and knowledge to produce sustainable agriculture products  and broader access to the market.

Merapi Project 2
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The project is initiated and executed by Solidaridad and implemented in the field by Business Watch Indonesia.

The aims of the project are :

  1. To support the implementation of climate smart agriculture and climate smart business by strengthening the market for the products.
  2. To develop a protocol/guidance for implementing sustainable agriculture practices and  products .
  3. To strengthen local communities and farmers organizations business knowledge, skill and performance.

On 19 January 2018, the cooperation between the  Embassy and Solidaridad was celebrated together with the villagers in Tlogolele by having big feast meal, they called it in Indonesia "selamatan". Not only Tlogolele is involved, but also 9 other villages are part of the project.          

Merapi Project 1
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