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  1. Hungary announces €200 million agroecology program

    National Chamber of Agriculture offers aid to exporting farmers, high energy bills hit horeca and grocery trade, national ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 17-03-2023 | 15:49

  2. Hungary: Consumer prices rose by 25.4% in one year

    New cases of Avian influenza confirmed; meat production figures decline; women in business in Hungary today - Our weekly briefing ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 10-03-2023 | 12:33

  3. Hungary: Surprises around the increase of grain prices

    State-run tree nurseries to be launched by government; organic farmland doubled last decade; declining investment rate in ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 03-03-2023 | 11:16

  4. World Food Program center to move to Budapest, Hungary

    Beekeepers struggling with the influx of non-EU honey, land prices broke through psychological barrier and one of the most ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 24-02-2023 | 15:20

  5. Hungary moves to enforce strict quality control on grain from Ukraine

    Ministry announces strict food chain safety control on Ukrainian gran; retail trade declines further; business leaders expect ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 10-02-2023 | 17:07

  6. Hungary: insect products to be labelled visually

    Ministry of Agriculture amending food regulations for insect products, the agriculture industry moderately consolidating, small ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 03-02-2023 | 14:47

  7. Hungary: Price cap and export control measures to be lifted

    The government decides to repeal the food price cap and cereal export control measures, food inflation reaches 50%, new subsidy ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 27-01-2023 | 14:27

  8. In Hungary both the meat industry and arable farming face serious challenges

    Corn and wheat producers still reeling from the impact of the drought struggling to compete with cheaper import, the meat ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 20-01-2023 | 14:29

  9. Hungary: 21 universities to be cut off from Erasmus+ and Horizon funds

    Agriculture university affected by funding cut-off, consumers increasingly saving on groceries, declining agroeconomical figures ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 13-01-2023 | 13:20

  10. Hungary's 44% food inflation is 10th highest in the world

    High food inflation, a weak currency exchange rate affecting companies, hard years ahead for aquaculture, and the country will ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 06-01-2023 | 20:08