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Hungary Newsflash Week 5

Pet trade regulation reform, COVID-19 effects in commerce, sustainability, pandemic effects and pig sector news - The week in ...

Nieuwsbericht | 05-02-2021 | 16:45

Hungary gains clearance to export pork to Japan

Through an ASF regionalization agreement, Hungarian pig meat has been cleared for export to Japan.

Nieuwsbericht | 03-02-2021 | 11:56

Hungary extends COVID-19 regulations - Business travel possible

Meanwhile in Hungary: Pandemic regulations will stay in place until March. What are the rules for travel? What regulations apply? ...

Nieuwsbericht | 01-02-2021 | 15:44

Hungary Newsflash Week 4

Precision agriculture education, agroecology-based crop research, meat sector news and the decline of Hungarian garlic

Nieuwsbericht | 29-01-2021 | 17:13

Hungary Newsflash Week 3

Horticulture trends, food sector news, agro higher education, vegetable processing investment and innovation in nature ...

Nieuwsbericht | 22-01-2021 | 17:21

Hungary Newsflash Week 2

Avian influenza, Westkills event announcement, minimum wage negotiations, food sector news, agro R&D and insect protein ...

Nieuwsbericht | 15-01-2021 | 14:30

Sectoral cross-pollination and new frontiers for business in Hungary – Report from the Farminar

Precision agriculture can offer solutions to the challenges posed by climate change. How can individual farmers utilize them? How ...

Nieuwsbericht | 13-01-2021 | 16:48

Hungary Newsflash Week 1, 2021

Privatization in education, irrigation reform, meat sector news and the award-winning fruity innovation from Tokaj

Nieuwsbericht | 08-01-2021 | 16:17

Avian Influenza Reappears in Hungary

The H5N8 strain has been identified at two turkey farms in Western Hungary.

Nieuwsbericht | 07-01-2021 | 15:52

Hungary: 2020 Retrospective

2020 was certainly eventful as the last year of the decade. How did the Hungarian agroeconomy fare? Find out more in our ...

Nieuwsbericht | 21-12-2020 | 09:00