Hungary: A Majority of Consumers Now Eco-Conscious

A recent survey shows that Hungarian consumers prefer climate-neutral products and would pay more for products in eco-friendly packaging.

A woman shopping in a grocery store.
©Jeremy Smith

Climate change is coming – That is what we have been told for decades. Well now it’s here, it’s been here for years and it seems that Hungarian consumers are growing more and more anxious – And more and more open to the idea of reducing their own ecological footprint.

A recent survey conducted by the company Sió-Eckers (with a sample of 1000 from the age groups 15-69), shows that consumers are overwhelmingly supportive of climate neutral, responsible industrial practices.
92%  thought that climate change is a serious issue. Climate awareness also manifested in questions about individual action. 78% said that they recycle through selective waste collection, 67% save energy and water and 50% consciously choose walking, cycling or public transport in order to reduce emissions.

Regarding the perception of the private sector and businesses, only 50%  thought that there are companies that are on the right track in tackling climate change and only 5% are satisfied with corporations’ efforts to address these global issues.

Interestingly, some 74%  also stated that they would actually pay more for products with environmentally friendly packaging.

Meanwhile, 80%  preferred companies whose products were created in an environmentally friendly, responsible way, and for 30% the most attractive quality of a company was its awareness to human health. The second-highest rated positive trait was a company’s responsible treatment of its employees and their wellness.


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