Urban Greening Conference in Belgrade

The urban environment will be transformed in the 21st century. A recent conference in Belgrade focused on one of the important topics of city development today: Urban greening.

Concept art of al elegant, postmodern style building with wave-inspired contour lines and greenery in the form of vertical gardens.
Beeld: ©Vita Verde
Concept art for the Ada Mall in Belgrade by Vita Verde. Urban greening is a rapidly developing business in Serbia.

Urban greening is gaining traction in Serbia. The construction sector is in full swing and modern apartment buildings, shopping malls and office buildings are popping up daily throughout the country.

Depending on the location, the prices can skyrocket, going as high as  8.000 €/ m2. Such prices resulted in a very demanding circle of clientele and a need for innovative solutions by designers, architectures, landscape engineers etc. It also positioned greenery front and center, as greenery is not only nice to look at, it also increases the value of real estates, beautifies the local environment, decorates buildings and raises the appeal of an area, making it more attractive to residents and businesses alike.

An agenda of the schedule of the urban greening conference.
Beeld: ©Natherlands Embassy Belgrade
The conference brought together various stakeholders, including Dutch companies in the sector.

On March 11, together with a consortium of Dutch companies, the Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade co-organized a conference on urban greening.

During this conference, several greenery solutions and designs, horticulture, and interior landscaping solutions were presented and discussed with the audience. VitaVerde, Vandenberg, Sempergreen, TreeBuilders and Nieuwkoop presented to Serbian professionals how greening can contribute to the overall wellbeing – not only of the individual, but the society as the whole: it decreases high temperatures  during summer heat ; improves air quality; lower stress and improves health condition;  facilitates water management and stimulates biodiversity in built-up areas;  it can also reduce the effects of noise pollution and so on. The innovative solutions and approach was well received by Serbian participants.

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