Marel Poultry BV started up new processing plant in UAE

In January 2021 Marel Poultry BV started up a new processing plant for Arabian Farms Investments (Saha Poultry) in the United Arab Emirates, as has been announced earlier today during the Virtual Trade Mission's In-depth webinar "Meat - Food Safety in the UAE". The entire processing plant is supplied by Marel, including the waste water treatment system. Apart from the slaughterhouse, they have also commissioned  a waste water treatment plant from Aqua Marel, and a rendering plant from Haarslev. This new processing plant meets the NEXUS concept in terms of producing more food with less water and less energy. More projects are expected to be coming up.

Al Rawdah (officially called Emirates National Food - ENF) originally was not a Marel customer, but was convinced of their outstanding technology  and its advantages for ENF after higher management of ENF visited their offices in the Netherlands. 

The first phase of the project  that was implemented consisted of the exchange of the evisceration (EV) department. That is where you “open” the chicken and remove intestines, gizzards, liver, heart, lungs etc in order to make the chicken consumption ready.

When talking about an entire processing plant, Marel has technology available achieving higher yields (more grams of meat harvested) and lower environmental pressure like using less water and less energy. The EV department at ENF only contributes to higher yield.

Machinery that is supplied by Marel includes:

  • Bird Unloading and crate washing system
  • Slaughter (Zabiha) and bleeding system.
  • Defeathering system
  • Scalding System
  • Evisceration System,
  • Air Chilling System
  • Gading and Packing system 
  • Automatic cut up line.
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