Dutch companies and Egyptian SME's in protected cultivation

Join us on July 19th for an exclusive matchmaking event where you can connect with 6 innovative Egyptian businesses revolutionizing the field of protected cultivation.

Saspen bericht pic

Under the umbrella of SASPEN project, a group of dynamic Egyptian SME's will be undergoing technical training in the Netherlands. On July 19th, in collaboration with CARE Egypt, CARE Netherlands, and the Netherlands Embassy in Egypt, we are thrilled to organize a matchmaking session, opening doors for Dutch companies eager to enter the Egyptian market.

Meet the Egyptian SME's:

•    🌱 Nabatat modern agricultural technology: Pioneering hydroponics technology to combat water scarcity and climate change, saving a remarkable 90% of water used in traditional soil cultivation.

•    🌿 Urban Greens: Transforming spaces with their versatile hydroponic systems, from compact home-growing setups to large-scale commercial farming models.

•    🍅 Tulima: A sustainability-driven hydroponic farm, bringing fresh, pesticide-free produce year-round by employing innovative climate-controlled greenhouses and shipping containers.

•    💧 Plug'n'grow: Trailblazing tailored soilless production systems, providing crops with essential nutrients through a specially formulated serum while achieving exceptional product quality and economic feasibility.

•    🌾 Harraz Farm and Garden: Your one-stop solution, sourcing and distributing everything farms need at competitive prices, from seeds to horticulture solutions, excluding heavy machinery and high tech.

•    💦 Agrimatic: A leading hydroponic and aquaponic farm dedicated to eliminating hunger and solving water crises by maximizing food production and reducing water usage by a staggering 90%.

The gathering aims to ignite collaboration and forge partnerships between Dutch and Egyptian professionals, discussing enticing business and financial opportunities! Do not miss this extraordinary chance to expand your horizons and make a lasting impact.

The SASPEN Project, initiated by the Netherlands Embassy in Cairo and powered by CARE Egypt and CARE Netherlands, is revolutionizing the agribusiness scene by addressing technical needs and challenges faced by over 50 Egyptian SMEs.

Join us at the CARE Nederland office in The Hague, Parkstraat 19, for this groundbreaking event. To secure your spot, email: Saly.Sami@cef-eg.org and Kai-lnv@minbuza.nl no later than July 17th. It is time to unlock unparalleled growth and seize incredible opportunities.