Massive visits in garden centers in Poland

Tired with lockdown and without perspective for travels abroad Poles visited garden centres to buy ornamental plants for their gardens and balconies.

diverese flowering plants ready to be potted on a balcony
Beeld: ©A.Murawska

In Poland garden centres were -not like in many other countries- open during the whole lockdown. And with first warm days Poles showed their longing for greenery and massively visited garden centres to buy plants. In some cases it caused even lack of assortment as not all the centres kept their initial orders with plant producers.

For Polish producers it is normally a high season and also this year they cannot complain. Maybe only for lack of fertilizers and other equipment they need for regular production purposes caused by unusually high demand this year.

Also on the South of Poland wholesalers cannot complain: Slovakia and Czech Republic which don’t have own production of this kind usually import ornamental plants from Polish producers and wholesalers located near the border. Fear of Polish producers producing for the Slovak market proved to be unreasonable as wholesalers from the two neighbouring countries are coming with trucks for plants.

It seems that the season for nurseries and plant producers started even better than in previous years, the only concern of the sector is, whether people keep their work and be able to buy plants during the whole season.

LAN-WAR own report: AM