South Korea: kick off the HOPE flower campaign with 1.000 tulip bouquets by the embassy

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Korea has kicked off a series of HOPE flower campaign. It is to cheer up all those who are suffering from the COVID-19 crisis including care providers in medical service, farmers/traders in floriculture industry and all other ordinary citizens. As the first round of campaign, 1.000 flower bouquets made in 7.000 tulips were offered to thousand care providers in the Seoul Medical Center fighting against the COVID-19. 

1.000 tulip bouquets to Seoul Medical Center
Beeld: ©SEO-LNV

1.000 tulip bouquets to the care providers in medical care service

On April 8th, Ambassador Joanne Doornewaard visited the Seoul Medical Center, one of the municipal hospitals focusing on the COVID-19 treatment. Ambassador attended a short briefing provided by the Director General of the hospital regarding the current status of the COVID-19 care. Following the briefing, she could personally distribute part of 1.000 tulip bouquets to the hospital staffs including doctors and nurses who were getting off the work during the early shift. Heartfelt appreciation was successfully delivered by a bunch of tulips which made them smile for a moment.
98% imported tulip bulbs are from the Netherlands as of 2019. By purchasing 7.000 tulips locally, the growers and traders in floriculture industry who are also suffering from the crisis both in the Netherlands and Korea could be supported.

The “HOPE flower campaign” will continue with more activities, which includes

  • The “message of Hope” video to be released, in which the ambassador speaks on the power of flowers and her appreciation to the care providers. The video will be produced in collaboration with Everland, the largest amusement park which has the longest tulip garden in Korea.
  • The hope sharing event in relay on social media, in which flower bouquets are made available for Koreans who would like to thank or support someone.