Bulgarian Producers Are Prepared to Meet All Food Demand

Sofia - Bulgaria is an agricultural country and is capable of meeting its residents' demand for staple foods. Bulgarian producers are prepared to fill all orders placed by food suppliers, Agriculture, Food and Forestry Ministry experts said, approached by BTA.

According to the experts, stocks will last from several months to up to years.

Bulgaria is very rich in grain, and its stocks of wheat total 1.7 million tonnes, the Ministry said.

These quantities are enough to meet domestic demand for bread and seed for more than a year.

Maize stocks total 2 million tonnes and will last for two years. Cooking oil manufacturers' stocks of raw material will be enough for at least three months.

The Ministry said it was too early to make forecasts about this year's wheat and barley harvest. Precipitation in February and March increased water reserves in the soil and improved conditions for winter wheat crops and winter rapeseed.

The Agriculture Ministry and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency have not received reports about disrupted supply of fertilizers, plant protection products and seeds as a result of traffic restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic.

National Grain Producers Association Chairman Kostadin Kostadinov expressed moderate optimism about the new wheat crop.

According to him, traditionally Bulgaria produces about 6 million tonns of wheat and is capable of dealing with the crisis. The annual wheat consumption is 1.2-1.5 million tonnes including feed.

Source: BTA Daily news