Circular Business Opportunities in the Chilean Agro-Food Sector

Interested in doing business in Chile? With this webinar that will take place on December 9, we will ‘zoom’ in on circular opportunities in Agro-Food. Learn more about business opportunities in Chile, local developments and circular economy enablers, and find the right parties to start or expand your business in Chile!

Circular Business Opportunities in the Chilean Agro-Food Sector

Dutch-Chilean Webinar on business opportunities in Agro-Food in Chile

Agro-Food is an essential export product for Chile as it counts for 16,5% of its total export. With also the highest score in the region in the Global Food Security Index 2019, ambitious goals in the field of agro waste management and a national circular economy programme for agriculture, Chile shows to be a relevant potential business partner for Dutch circular entrepreneurs with agro-food solutions. Dutch technology can, for instance, support in the valorisation of organic waste streams, especially from industry. Examples are digestion as a source of renewable energy and fertilizer or high-end valorisation of organic waste into biobased materials. Opportunities for collaboration lie in the recovery of, for instance, fruit losses into new packaging, and fish waste by using new processing techniques.

Other Dutch innovation examples fitting challenges that the Chilean cope with are focused on new varieties and rootstock adapted to changing climatic conditions or intelligence and predictive models to guide future decision making.


This online event will take place December 9, from 13:30 until 14:45 CET.

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For more information on policy landscape, circular economy strategy and selected priority areas of Chile, look here!