Bulgaria Newsflash Week 5, 2022

Bulgarian companies with hands in the plant-based meat food: so far, so good! More Bulgarian foods in the supermarkets. New rules for online food sales.  Bulgaria in the top 3 of goose liver producers.
Enjoy our first agri news bulletin for 2022!

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Bulgarian companies in the business of meatless burgers

Demand for plant-based meat has been growing exponentially. Several Bulgarian companies are trying their hand in this production, so far on a small scale, but their clients are increasing. For many of these producers it is more than a business: it is a cause and part of the solution for dealing with climate change and the scarcity of resources, writes Capital weekly.

Follow the link to find out which are the Bulgarian veggie burger producer here

Bulgarian food products

Supermarket chains to increase Bulgarian foods they offer

The Agriculture Ministry declared a will to support domestic food production by improving the market access for Bulgarian foods, including by increasing their presence in supermarket chains.

It also vowed to work for improving the market for farmer products and short supply chains so as to better protect the interests of Bulgarian produces and prevent unfair commercial practices.

Online food trading -
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New rules for online trade in foods take effect from January 1

The start of 2022 saw new rules for online trade in foods take place according to Ordinance 12 published in Issue 100 of the State Gazette. Business operators in this sector are required to duly register and also register their vehicles in the control system of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, reports Agrozona. Sales can be made online, by phone or mailbox, and deliveries can be in-person or by courier.

Goose live
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Bulgaria is Europe’s third biggest producer of goose liver

Bulgaria is the third biggest producer of fattened goose and duck liver in Europe, reports Balgarski Fermer weekly. France remains at the top and Hungary comes second with the two countries putting out similar quantities. Until recently, Bulgaria used to produce some 6-7 million birds in a sector that has been traditional for the country but bird flu and the COVID pandemic slashed production by a half. France remains the biggest market for the Bulgarian producers. Only 5% of the liver ends up on the domestic market.