28 september On-Field Seminar: Best practices of Ukrainian horticulture

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  • Locatie Ukraine, Kyiv Region, Makariv district

The Field Seminar will be at the demo field of Rosetta Agro, Kyiv region, Makariv district, v. Nebelytsia

The event is organised in the framework of Stiyka Ukraine -  a program for Private Sector Development in Ukraine as well as the preparation of the Public-Private Partnership in horticultural sector that is being implemented in Ukraine with support of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  

What are the most important issues for the horticultural sector to be addressed and what are the opportunities?

Hopefully with a nice autumn weather we hope to welcome fruit, berry and vegetable producers.

The program of the event will cover the following topics:

- Fruit, vegetables, berries production and price in Ukraine in season 2023.

- International trends and developments which influence the market of Ukraine.

- How can Ukraine anticipate on these new trends with new crops or new growing technologies?  

After the presentations a tour over the field is made and vegetables, fruits and berry cultivations are discussed with specialists.

Stiyka Ukraina On-Field Seminar
Stiyka Ukraina On-Field Seminar 28.09.23

Draft program

Welcome by:
- Sergey Netudykhata, Owner Artberry.
- Frederique Vogel, “Stiyka Ukraina” project,
- Mark Heemskerk, 2nd Secretary Economic Affairs
- Petro Gatdz , Farm Gadz. Introduction of vegetables in the Fruit Farm


- Jevgen Kuzin, Fruit Inform Actual statistics and trends of VEGETABLES after 2 years of war in Ukraine  

- Grygorii Shvets, Enza Zaden Ukraine,  Actual situation on vegetable market and what is expected till end of 2023 and in season 2024

- Volodymyr Omeniuk,  Rijk Zwaan 

- Anton Yarotsky , Pidgirne LLC  –  Improving Soil Resilience and Health by increasing Soil Organic Matter



- Anna Sakhonchyk, German-Ukrainian Dialogue Sustainable Fruit & Vegetable Project in Vinnytsia

- Jevgen Kuzin (Fruit Inform) Actual statistics and trends of FRUITS and BERRIES after 2 years of war in Ukraine  

- Oleksandr Yareshchenko, Horticultural Institute  – The current situation and support of the fruit and berry sector of Ukraine as a tool for responding to challenges during martial law

- Anton Dovganuk,  Fresh Forward,  How was the production and how the strawberry prices during 2023 and what are the challenges for next year. Simple growing solutions for better results.
- Iryna Kobrynets – Practical Consultant, Lviv region,  practical experience  growing strawberry

- Olena Boltovska,  KOPPERT, Mechanisms of increasing the yield commonly neglected by farmers

Presentations of Ukrainian farmers  Unique Garden -  Elvira – Berry production &
Mono-organic – Bogdan Slutsky – organic berry production

- Oleksadr Matviets, Chairman of the Association "Ukrsadprom" - grant program for business creation  "Grants for greenhouse business" and "Grants for horticulture, berry growing and viticulture"


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Registration via the link: Реєстрація на Офлайн семінар - День поля / Off-line seminar - Field Day registration (google.com)