Report Sustainable and responsible sourcing of fruits and vegetables from Kenya

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) promotes and supports continuous inclusive and sustainable development of the horticulture industry and  commissioned a study to update the previous study that was conducted in 2016. EKN hopes that this study provides the Dutch and Kenya traders/investors and farmers of fruit and vegetables with useful insights on the dynamics of the horticultural market in Kenya, EU and the UK. It gives traders/investors advise on how they can identify and source environmentally friendly and socially responsible produce from Kenya.

The report strives to strengthen further the Dutch – Kenyan cooperation and trade in the field of horticulture and provides specific advice and a checklist for traders/investors and farmers on regulations, required permits and certifications and gives overview of current programs in the horticultural sector with respect to supply and demand cycles to guide new programs to fill the gaps.