Smallholder Farmer Support Analysis

In 2019 the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands commissioned a study to assess at least 4 Dutch funded projects in order to extract lessons and best practices that can inform a Theory of Change and strategies to supporting smallholder farmers that demonstrate the potential to grow their primary production enterprises towards self-sustenance and commercialisation. Each of the assessed projects was designed and implemented in the form of inclusive business involving partnerships between domestic commercial partners and local cash crop, and market oriented, smallholder individuals and groups.  The four projects that were assessed are: Heineken emerging barley farmers (BE-FED), Nwanedi New Generation Cooperative (NNGC), water footprint reduction of small-scale sugarcane growers (SSCGs) with TsGro, and the SPAR Rural Hub project.

A Theory of Change for designing and implementing agri-inclusive business projects was developed from the findings of the study. A transversal report presenting a synthesis of key findings has also been written. We invite you to download these documents to learn more about the Theory of Change and the transversal report.