Agricultural sector of Ukraine: securing global food supply

The National Investment Council of Ukraine, supported by the EBRD, published a report about the agricultural sector in Ukraine ' securing global food supply. The Office of the National Investment Council provides analytical coverage of the key sectors of Ukrainian economy, with hight investment potential, key regulation and issues related to investment in these sectors.

Agricultural sector of Ukraine: securing global food supply
Beeld: ©National Investment Council of Ukraine

" Agriculture has been historically one of the main sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Considered for centuries as a "bread basket of Europe" Ukraine today possesses arable land area which equals to 30% of arable land of the European Union and 2.1% of the global arable land bank. But it has always been about quality, not quantity: Ukraine accounts for about 25% of the world most fertile black soil which makes our country unique in terms of agri potential."

Content of the report:

SECTION 1 – Ukrainian agri sector overview
1.1. Macroeconomic overview
1.1.1. Agri sector in Ukrainian economy
1.1.2. Key agricultural products
1.1.3. Foreign trade of agricultural products: structure and destinations
1.2. Resource base and agricultural production inputs
1.3. Logistics
1.4. Storage and shipping
1.5. Legal and regulatory framework
1.6. Key agricultural companies in Ukraine

SECTION 2 – Key agricultural markets in Ukraine
2.1. Crops market
2.2. Meat market
2.3. Dairy products market

SECTION 3 – Global trends and opportunities for Ukrainian agricultural sector
3.1. Key trends in global agriculture in 2017-2026
3.2. Opportunities for Ukrainian agricultural sector
3.3. AgriTech – increasing productivity in agriculture through innovation

SECTION 4 – Further sectoral reforms to improve business climate