Ukrane: COVID 19 measures

Ukraine’s government is extending the national quarantine for an additional month, until April 24

As part of the shutdown, Ukraine’s land, sea and air borders to be closed to all travelers, starting from night 28 March.

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Ukraine to completely shut borders on March 27

KYIV. March 26 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine will completely shut its borders and stop any passenger transportation before the end of Friday, March 27, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

"The state border will be closed and all passenger transportation halted before the end of Friday, March 27," Zelensky said in an address to the nation on Thursday.

Zelensky said he had called on Ukrainian citizens to urgently return home two weeks before; most of these people have done so on their own, and over 80,000 others have been evacuated by air, by rail, and by bus.

"However, we can't wait any longer today. We are facing a difficult choice between our citizens who are still abroad and the safety of 40 million citizens inside the country. Our duty as a state is to take care of every Ukrainian," Zelensky said.

Ukrainian diplomatic missions and Ukrainian Diasporas abroad will take care about those who are unable to return within the next two days, he said.

"Nobody will forget about a single Ukrainian left outside the country. We will be gradually returning you from abroad, but depending on the epidemical situation at the place of your stay and also depending on the level of provision with the necessary means and the medical system's preparedness for your mandatory isolation," he said.

Government temporarily bans foreigners from entering Ukraine and closes international scheduled passenger service

Department of Communications of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Secretariat, published March 14, 2020 at 14:20

The Cabinet of Ministers at an extraordinary meeting on March 14 adopted an order temporarily restricting the crossing of the state border aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine.

The document provides:

- temporarily close from 00 h. 00 minutes March 17, 2020 to April 3, border crossings for international regular passenger services (with the exception of a number of categories of citizens);

- temporarily ban from 00 hours. 00 minutes March 16, 2020 to April 3, crossing the state border for entry to Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons (with the exception of a number of categories of citizens).

This document also instructs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform the foreign diplomats in Ukraine of these restrictions as well as foreign diplomatic establishments.

In addition, at the meeting the Government authorized the Deputy Minister of Health, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine, to exercise certain powers. Namely: regarding epidemiological surveillance (surveillance), prevention of the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, localization and elimination of their outbreaks and epidemics. It is also mandated to designate authorized persons to perform the functions of the Chief State Medical Officers in the regions.

The decision was made taking into account the comments.

Original in Ukrainian

Cargo checkpoints at the state border of Ukraine will continue to operate

KYIV. March 16 (Interfax-Ukraine) – President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky notes that cargo checkpoints at the state border will continue to operate, and freight transport crews will be checked with express tests to detect COVID-19 coronavirus.

"Cargo checkpoints - air, railway, sea and automobile - will continue to operate. Crews of ships, airplanes, trucks can enter Ukraine and are obliged to undergo medical verification with rapid tests," he said in his video address to Ukrainian people posted on his Facebook page on Friday night.