Ukrainian sugar industry in figures

National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine presents catalogue "Ukrainian sugar industry in figures 2019/2019"

For the last year, Ukrainian sugar industry has gained a reputation as the world's leading beet sugar exporter and shown its competitiveness on the global market. It  has  become  possible  due  to  the  increase  in  sown  area,  the  launch  of  additional  production  capacities  and  increased  sugar  beet  yield.  In  addition,  this  year,  the production of the 1-st category sugar has reached a  record  50%  in  the  overall  structure,  indicating  that  producers  are  actively  modernizing  production  and  investing in the development of the sugar industry.

This  catalog  contains  only  dry  material  —  the  main  figures  in  the  sugar  industry,  which  make  it  possible  to understand the way the sugar industry has already come through and the fact that this is the beginning of a rather long but real path of self-improvement.

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Ukrainian sugar industry in figures
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