Thailand Welcomes 98 Dutch Livestock Companies at VIV Asia 2019

Bangkok – Thailand becomes the meeting place for international livestock industry at VIV Asia 2019, the No. 1  international trade show of livestock industry (swine, poultry, dairy, egg, meat) and fisheries. More than 1,250 international livestock companies are exhibiting while 98 leading Dutch livestock companies are also exhibitors. 

“Holland Inspiration Congress; The Dutch Way of Circular Agriculture” has been organized on 14th March 2019. More than 100 participants from Thailand and Asia attend the Congress.

Dutch Ambassador (Kees Rade) with Willem Schoustra, Henk Stigter and Anneke Rooijen visit VIV Asia 2019
Frederik Vossenaar with Ambassador Kees

Thai Broiler Sector Continues Strong Exports

Thai broiler meat production is estimated to grow by 4% in 2019 to 3.0 million metric ton (MMT) from 2.88 MMT in 2018. Thai broiler industry has become one of the international highly recognized sector by utilizing new technologies from genetic improvement, farm and nutrition management. The average weight of fully grown broilers at slaughter is currently 2.3-2.4 kg per bird, compared to 2.0-2.1 kg per bird in the mid-2000s. Of the same period, the number of days it takes to raise day-old-chick to market delivery dropped from 49 days to 40-42 days. The average feed conversion ratio (FCR) decreased from 1.9-2.0 to 1.6-1.7 over the same period.

Thailand in 2018 exports 820,000 metric tons (MT) of total chicken meat, up from 756,879 MT in 2017. The Kingdom expects to export 870,000 MT in 2019 due to anticipated continued growth of exports to Japan and other non-EU markets. Chicken meat consumption in Thailand is growing by 3-4 percent.  

Holland Network Reception
Participants of Holland Inspiration Congress
Holland Lounge