Dutch contribution to reconstruction of Ukraine

In his recent interview to FD.nl, Roderick van Schreven, Special Envoy for Business and Reconstruction in Ukraine, stated that the Dutch companies should not underestimate opportunities in Ukraine. Appointed in summer 2023, Roderick van Schreven visited Ukraine, has regular meetings with Ukrainian and Dutch stakeholders, business and governmental delegations. He was impressed with the courage and resilience of  Ukrainians. Even on recently deoccupied territories people with dramatic experience work hard on reconstruction.

Dutch-Ukrainian cooperation

Dutch companies

There were about 350 Dutch companies in Ukraine before the full-scale invasion. Many of them continue their operations despite the war challenges supporting local economy, providing for their employees but running charity and humanitarian projects. Dutch companies in Ukraine go on even if they do not profit now.

Key sectors

At the same time Dutch companies still benefit relatively little from the aid provided to Ukraine for reconstruction and budget support. The Netherlands can do it better by identifying the tenders that go on to the Dutch companies that can take advantage of this information.

The Government of Ukraine specified nine key sectors for international cooperation and investments. The Netherlands has knowledge and expertise that can contribute the these priority sectors.

The private sector is very important for reconstruction. To encourage business for cooperation with Ukraine, the Netherlands open possibilities for export credit insurance. UPF is a subsidy instrument for the Dutch companies contributing to the reconstruction. The first round of subsidy in 2023 was successful and the Dutch Government is working on follow up in 2024. More instruments for the Dutch business in Ukraine from RVO. In order to fight Ukraine needs well-functionating economy and the international business can play a role in this.

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