The Netherlands is among main donors of humanitarian demining projects in Ukraine

Demining is a task for physical, food and economic security of Ukraine.

International partners the United States, Switzerland, Norway, EU countries, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, and others have allocated more than $700 million for humanitarian demining.

In the future, to strengthen the mine clearance system in Ukraine, the government will deepen cooperation with the international and expertise community.

Such coordination will be carried out through a sectoral working group launched in 2023, which brings together all of Ukraine's aid providers in this regard. It will also be implemented through the Mine Action Cluster, which was re-established in March 2024 and has become a platform for programme coordination of relevant parties.

Demining is a task for physical, food and economic security of Ukraine. Many subjects are involved in its solution - specialists of national and international mine action operators, state services for operational response, involved in the management and coordination of mine action activities of the ministry. An important part of the mine action community are donors - partners who provide not only financial support for demining, but also contribute to attracting the best technologies, practices and specialists in this field to Ukraine.

"Through joint work, it is possible to return land to productive use, protect the population from the effects of explosive hazards, and strengthen the mine action system in Ukraine," the ministry said.

April 4 is the International Day of Mine Awareness and Mine Action Assistance.

Source: Понад $700 мільйонів виділили міжнародні партнери на проєкти в гуманітарному розмінуванні України на 2022-2027 роки | Міністерство економіки України (

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Agricultural machinery in Ukraine
Agricultural machinery in Ukraine
A farmer with a metal detector during the demining of a field.  Kharkiv region. 4 October
Special project Farming during the war.