Floricultural study tour for Ukrainian veterans in the Netherlands

Rehabilitation and agricultural knowledge transfer for Ukrainain veterans in the Netherlands.

Gewonde frontsoldaten komen tot rust tussen de bloemen in Warmenhuizen
Foto: NH Media

In March the group of Ukrainian veterans visited DutchFlora. The visit was organized by Netherlands For Ukraine Foundation and The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation with support of the  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.

Ukrainian veterans in NL DutchFlora
Beeld: https://www.nhnieuws.nl/

In March the International Women’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine and the cut flowers from the Netherlands are usually of high demand in Ukraine. At the same time cooperation between the Netherlands and Ukraine in the floricultural sector is not limited to the cut flowers, it also include supply of wide range of planting materials, technologies and equipment for open field and greenhouse production.

Ukrainian veterans in NL DutchFlora

The veterans and their family members have been introduced to the entire growing process of the tulips, from storing, planting and up to the sorting and packaging for further dispatch.

The representatives of DutchFlora provided answers to the numerous questions from the veterans about floral business in the Netherlands and international cooperation.

Please follow the link to read the NH Nieuws article (in Dutch) and watch video about the visit.

Two years ago many veterans used to have ordinary civilian jobs, then, after full scale invasion in Ukraine, they learned how to be soldiers and got their military specializations. They have open minds and learn very fast. All participants of the study tour admitted that it was a very useful visit and they actively  joined the planning of the further study tours within to project.

In case you would like to take part in the project and invite the veterans to you farm or facility, please contact Kateryna Volianska greenvolia@gmail.com