Exploring Opportunities: Dutch Expertise Meets Taiwan's Growing Plant-Based Meat Market

LAN-Taipei held the "Synergizing Innovation: Alternative Protein Technology and Market Development Strategy" event at InterContinental Kaohsiung; the spotlight was on the dynamic landscape of alternative protein technology and market development. It brought together key players and experts to delve into this thriving sector.

Seminar Alternative Protein
Beeld: ©NLOT
Event "Synergizing Innovation: Alternative Protein Technology and Market Development Strategy"

The Netherlands launched the National Protein Strategy (NES) in 2020, aiming to increase the self-sufficiency rate for novel and plant proteins over the next five to ten years in a sustainable way that promotes the health of people, animals' health and the natural environment. Achieving protein transformation by 2030 is an ambitious goal, and today's food industry chain, including production, food supply/retail, and consumers, must work together to make changes. LAN-Taipei specially held the event "Collaborative Innovation: Alternative Protein Technology and Market Development Strategy," inviting Dutch alternative protein companies and Taiwan food industry briefings, hoping to promote the innovation of new raw materials and plant protein technology and further promote related industries.

Rick Nobel, Agricultural Director for Taiwan, started the event with a comprehensive overview of Dutch policies surrounding alternative proteins. He highlighted the National Protein Strategy (NES) launched in 2020, emphasizing the commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the protein industry.

The event featured insightful presentations from leading Dutch protein suppliers, such as Meelunie, Sophie's BioNutrients, and Viscon Insect Group. Each presentation provided a unique perspective on the latest advancements and breakthroughs in alternative protein technology, showcasing the Netherlands' prowess in this field.

One of the highlights was the engaging presentation by the Taiwanese food and feed enterprise Dachan Great Wall Group. They shed light on Taiwan's current landscape and prospects in the plant-based meat market. As the global demand for sustainable and plant-based options rises, Taiwan appears poised to capitalize on this trend.

Attendees could gain knowledge and savor plant-based meat dishes prepared for the occasion. The event host, Intercontinental Kaohsiung, contributed to the experience by serving special low-carbon footprint tea snacks. Mr. Robbert Manussen, the General Manager of Intercontinental Kaohsiung, shared insights into the importance of sustainable hospitality and the circular economy.

This convergence of Dutch expertise and Taiwan's forward-looking approach to alternative proteins highlights the collaborative efforts to drive innovation and sustainability in the food industry. With the global plant-based meat market gaining momentum, Taiwan stands at the forefront, offering promising opportunities for businesses and investors.

As the event concluded, it became clear that the intersection of innovation, technology, and market development will play a pivotal role in shaping Taiwan's plant-based meat industry's future. The shared insights and experiences from both Dutch and Taiwanese experts have set the stage for continued collaboration and growth in this exciting and transformative sector.