Colombia and the Netherlands strengthen commercial ties in banana, coffee and avocado

Colombia strengthens its commercial ties with the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean, as per the latest report from DANE updated until October 2023. Colombian exports to this region reach a significant value of 1.738 million dollars, solidifying the Netherlands as the sixth major export destination for Colombia. This achievement positions Colombia above nations such as India, Mexico, and Brazil.

Colombia - avocado, coffee and banana sectors
Beeld: ©LAN / LAN

In this trade exchange, key products like bananas, coffee, avocados, and flowers play a crucial role. Banana exports exceed 41 million dollars, coffee records over 42 million dollars, and avocados reach an impressive figure of over 77 million dollars.

It's worth noting that Colombian exports to the Kingdom of the Netherlands not only drive commerce but also result in a substantial increase in foreign direct investment from the Netherlands to Colombia. Entities like the Colombian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce,  Holland House, play a crucial role as the bridge connecting companies from both countries, facilitating this prosperous flow of business.

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