Türkiye: greenhouses in Gebze

In Kocaeli's Gebze district, which stands out with its industrial investments, 4,500 greenhouses where vegetables are produced provide a source of income for about 2 thousand people, and the products grown are sent to Istanbul.

Farmers, who produce in the greenhouses in Ovacık, Kadıllı, Cumaköy and Denizli villages in summer and winter, contribute to the economic development of the region following the industrial enterprises known for their giant investments.
Of the 300 tons of fresh vegetables shipped from Kocaeli in a season, 100 tons are harvested in Gebze and shipped to the market in Kadıköy, Istanbul.
Producers who earn a living from greenhouses also contribute to the regional economy through sales on social media and picking from the field and greenhouse.

4 villages earn their living from greenhouses

Ayhan Pekşen, Chairman of the Gebze Chamber of Agriculture, told AA correspondent that they mostly ship to Istanbul and the other markets.

Pekşen said “We have no market problems. We have no shortage in production. We only have a shortage of labor. We will try to solve the labor problem this year by talking to our state authorities.”

Explaining that 6-7 tons of tomatoes, 5 tons of cucumbers and 3 tons of peppers are produced in a greenhouse, Pekşen said “Production is provided from the greenhouse for about 4 months. If winter comes a little later, the yield will continue to increase even more. 1.500-2 thousand people, 4 villages make a living from greenhouses.”

Pekşen mentioned that Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın attaches importance to farming and said that they are working together in this field and that they will raise the bar even higher next season.

There are 7 thousand greenhouses in Kocaeli

Temel Fidan, Director of the Agricultural Services Branch of the Metropolitan Municipality's Department of Mukhtar Affairs, noted that 4,500 of the 7,000 greenhouses operating in Kocaeli are located within the borders of Gebze.

Fidan mentioned that the district's close proximity to Istanbul encourages the residents of the region to greenhouse farming and said “They started greenhouse farming with their own resources. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we provide equipment, seedlings and seed support for them to have more modern greenhouses, and we also support them in solving their market and agricultural irrigation problems.”

Reminding that irrigation systems with open canals were previously used during the General Directorate of Village Services, Fidan stated that with the project they developed through the Kovalıdere Dam, water will be delivered to all farmers with a closed circuit system.

Fidan stated that 300 tons of fresh vegetables are sent from Kocaeli to Kadıköy Hali in a season, excluding those sold directly in the market, and said:

“100 tons of this is produced in the Gebze region, and there are 150 tons of products reflected directly in the market. Recently, our farmers can also sell their products through social media. They have no market shortage whatsoever.”

Produces vegetables in 20 greenhouses and 50 acres

Şaban Özyurt, who has been farming in the district for 15 years, stated that he has 20 greenhouses and 50 decares of open field agriculture.

Özyurt explained that they produce in a total of 6 acres of closed area and said, “We grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, squash and more peppers and lettuce in the open field. We produce winter products in winter and summer products in the greenhouse.”

Stating that they get 6 tons of yield in tomatoes and 5 tons in cucumbers in a closed area of 30 square meters, Özyurt said “Of course, this happens when the weather conditions are suitable. It is necessary to intervene on time. When you do not intervene on time, the product in the greenhouse is overwhelmed by the heat and you risk losing it all.”

Source: Anadolu Ajansı