Sustainable ESG Travel on the Northeast Coast of Taiwan

The collaborative efforts of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area Administration, the Taiwan Ecotourism Association, and Toucheng Farm have resulted in the launch of the special ecotourism package. The itinerary allows visitors to experience the beauty of the Northeast Coast region's ecology while learning and applying the principles of ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance).

ESG Tour
Beeld: ©SEO-LAN
Group of visitors attended the ESG tour from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Netherlands Offices including NE coast administration staffs.

Ecotourism Awards ceremony

The Northeast Coast National Scenic Area Administration (referred to as the NE Coast Administration), in collaboration with the Taiwan Ecotourism Association and Toucheng Farm, recently announced the launch of the "Ecotourism Package: Unboxing Sustainable ESG Travel in Northeast Coast." Through this collaboration project, the three organizations received awards in destination governance, environmental leadership, and best innovative itinerary during an inaugural Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN) International Ecotourism Awards ceremony on April 1st. These accolades recognize Taiwan's outstanding performance in ecotourism and establish it as a shining representative in Taiwan's ecotourism industry. 

Bird's table
Beeld: ©SEO-LNV
Bird's table during the ESG tour to Toucheng Farm: visitors are invited to enjoy small appetizer using nuts and to use tree as playground, like birds do.

Toucheng Farm

The ecotourism package introduced through this collaboration primarily centers around Toucheng Farm, which received the Environmental Education Facilities certification in 2013 and was even certified as a sustainable hotel that meets the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) by Control Union. To maintain the ecological environment-agricultural production-lifestyle-culture balance, the farm has been practicing organic farming and ensuring sustainable use of natural and cultural resources in developing different environmental-based learning experiences for visitors. The itinerary design, therefore, includes experiences in forestry and stream exploration, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the power of natural resources and sustainable development within a natural environment. Furthermore, Toucheng Farm collaborates with local agricultural and fishing professionals, enabling participants to engage in ecological afforestation and stream monitoring activities while discussing marine issues through the fishing village kitchen. This design relaxes visitors' bodies and minds and deepens their understanding of the local ecology and cultural assets.

Sustainable tourism

The NE Coast Administration stated that global travelers' emphasis on sustainable tourism recently increased. Since 2016, they have been actively promoting and managing sustainable tourism development and operations, resulting in seven consecutive years of recognition as one of the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations worldwide. This collaboration with the Taiwan Ecotourism Association and Toucheng Farm, launching a two-day-one-night sustainable itinerary, demonstrates the Administration's commitment to advancing sustainable tourism.

The introduction of the "Ecotourism Package: Unboxing Sustainable ESG Travel in Northeast Coast" integrates the abundant ecotourism resources of the Northeast Coast region, stimulating local tourism development and bringing positive impacts to the local economy and society. The three collaborating entities aspire for this itinerary to become the top choice for international tourists and corporate groups seeking to practice sustainable travel. In the future, they also plan to promote similar ecotourism itineraries in the areas under the jurisdiction of the NE Coast Administration, allowing more people to experience the charm of sustainable tourism.

In the Netherlands, sustainability is a priority across every sector, constantly driving businesses to innovate toward a better tomorrow. The diversity of capabilities provides an excellent breeding ground for crossover innovation at the service of our planet and society; as a pioneer of circular economy, the NE Coast Administration would like to welcome visitors or similar ESG event organizers from the Netherlands and to learn from each other, together we can achieve closer to sustainability goals around the globe.

For a more detailed itinerary, please visit the webpage of Toucheng Farm