Mexico breaks barrier of 50 billion dollars in agri-food exports

Mexico registered record-high agri-food exports and exceeded 50 billion dollars for the first time in 2022. Beer, tequila, and avocados were the most important agri-food export products. 

Beeld: ©Mischa Keijser

Record-high agri-food exports
In 2022, Mexican exports of agri-food products registered a new record, with a total value of 50,1 billion dollars, according to the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Compared to the 44,7 billion dollars of 2021, this was an increase of 12,2%

The total value of agri-food exports exceeded that of oil products (39,2 billion dollars) and that of tourism (28 billion dollars). Agri-food exports were only surpassed by remittances from Mexicans abroad, which had a value of 58,5 billion dollars. Within the agri-food exports, the export segment of processed products (28,7 billion dollars) grew by 16%, while that of agricultural and fishery products (21,4 billion dollars) grew by 7,5%. Meanwhile, agri-food imports totaled 44,3 billion dollars, an increase of 19% compared to 2021.

Tequila export growth
Beverages (24% of the total), fruits (18%) and vegetables (18%) made up the bulk of Mexico’s agri-food exports, together good for 60% of the total.

Agri-food products with the highest export value in 2022 were beer (6 billion dollars); tequila and mezcal (4,4 billion dollars); avocados (3,6 billion dollars); tomatoes (2,7 billion dollars); bakery products (2,3 billion dollars) and fresh strawberries and raspberries (1,7 billion dollars). Of these, tequila and mezcal exports showed the strongest growth, a 31% increase compared to 2021.

Mexico’s most important agri-food imports were cereals (21% of the total); oil seeds and fruits (15%); meat (14%); and dairy, eggs and honey (7%).

Agri-food trade between Mexico and The Netherlands
We’ll have to wait some weeks before the trade statistics between Mexico and The Netherlands of 2022 become available. As soon as we have the statistics, we will be able to analyze how agri-food trade between both countries has developed during 2022. We’ll keep you posted. You may also sign up here to receive all our Mexico-related news items directly in your inbox.