Made with Bravery - a marketplace of Ukrainian manufacturers

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has announced the launch of the official Ukrainian marketplace MadeWithBravery, which is intended for the presentation of domestic manufacturers in the world.

Made with bravery
printscreen from the webpage of a shop

"We are launching the official Ukrainian marketplace MadeWithBravery to present our makers to the world. Strong and creative. 5% of the item cost goes to United24. That's why every purchase is a brick that can rebuild Ukraine," the president said.

Webpage of the shop: 

The world gave us three days to last. But we still stand. Moreover, we still create. We craft. We deliver.

That's why everything made in Ukraine is made with bravery.

And now you can support Ukrainian bravery by simply buying these things.

At this marketplace, every little purchase matters: you buy, and we donate 5% of each item cost and an extra 5% with a Visa card to the United24 platform for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

That's how we can restore the home of the brave together.