Peru: Tender for purchase of urea in the International Market

The current crisis generated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has  decreased in the supply of nitrogen fertilisers, also in Peru. This puts at risk the fragile food security of the country as well as many others in similar situations.

Teelt in woestijn
Teelt in woestijn

The Peruvian government, aware of the production difficulties that agricultural producers are facing, foresees a decrease in the production campaign of 2022 – 2023. Therefore it has approved the DIRECTIVE FOR THE PURCHASE OF NITROGEN FERTILIZER UREA IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET UNDER EMERGENCY DECREE 013-2022. This directive stipulates the conditions for the acquisition of 65,587 tons of urea by the Peruvian government, worth €87 million. Dutch companies may be able to participate  in this process.

If you as a Dutch company are interested and  meet the conditions set out in the attached documents, please contact for more information.

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