FAO announces procurement opportunity for grain storages for Ukraine

Together with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, FAO is working on the implementation of the Grain Storage Support Strategy  the goal of which is to provide storage capacity for 4.07 million tons of grain, or approximately 25% of the estimated grain storage deficit.

Grain crop
Beeld: ©UAgroNL

🌐FAO has launched a large-scale procurement process targeting producers and suppliers at the global, regional and national levels. Most of the proposed technologies are expected to be transferred to the regional level by early to mid-October, when crop storage needs will peak. The technologies that will be purchased within the framework of the tender include:

✅Sleeves for grain storage, grain loaders and unloaders 


✅Modular grain storages with a tent cover and capacity from 300 to 1000 tons (for wheat)


Deadline for submitting proposals is 5 August.

Before submitting their proposals, the applicants need to register themselves in the UNGM system 

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