Dutch companies need to update their quality certificates to continue exporting to Egypt

General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) of Egypt announced that as of 1 March a group of Dutch companies have been suspended from exporting to Egypt. GOEIC regularly publishes a list of companies that are Warned, Suspended and Cancelled, in relation to the validity of your quality certificate on which your registration as a company allowed to export to Egypt under Decree 43 of 2016

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Suspended companies are urged to work with their agents to update their certificates to be able to continue exporting. Failure to do so within a year will mean your company is cancelled, and would have to renew the whole registration process under GOEIC.   

The agriculture team has met with the new Interim Chairman of GOIEC, Eng. Essam Elnaggar. He informed the team that the quality certificates that are accepted by GOIEC are only the one under the Ministerial Decree No. 43.  According to the decree (translated version), the quality certificates need to be approved by the international accreditation bodies ILAC or IAF.

The agricultural team of the embassy will follow up on developments and stand ready to provide updates when needed: KAI-LNV@minbuza.nl