Kenya and the Netherlands working together towards circular agriculture in Kenya

Kenya has the ambitious to become more sustainable. Circular agriculture has clear benefits for the public and private sector in Kenya. This is shown by the solid legislations as well as the good practices. The Netherlands works together with other countries in their ambition to develop circular agriculture. Essential aspects to improve and create a sustainable and circular agriculture are soil quality, natural fertilizers, farm to market improvements and innovative growing techniques that are in harmony with nature.

circular agriculture

Agriculture is an integral part of the Kenyan way of life. Kenya has a favorable climate for horticulture and floriculture produce. While Kenya exports a lot of agricultural produce, many families have small plots of land for personal use. To mitigate climate change and increase food security in Kenya, the uptake of adoption of sustainable, climate-smart and circular practices would contribute greatly.

Agriculture and horticulture in the Netherlands are supported by research and innovation. Dutch agricultural companies and research institutions are working together in several areas, including sustainability, climate-smart agriculture, irrigation, and nutrition. To stimulate cooperation between Kenya and the Netherlands and to speed up the adoption of circularity, the Netherlands embassy in Kenya focus on 6 agricultural sectors: horticulture including floriculture, aquaculture, animal feed, potatoes and dairy.

Inspirational examples

The Netherlands Embassy together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) commissioned the brochure “Kenya and the Netherlands working together towards circular agriculture in Kenya”. The brochure gives practical insights to inspire companies in the agriculture sector to take the next step towards circular agriculture in Kenya. This publication made by the Sustainable Inclusive Business Hub shows examples of Dutch companies, farms, and organizations in Kenya or Dutch technologies who are implementing circular agriculture in Kenya.

The good practices and examples show the way forward, highlight the opportunity areas, and the mind shift as well. The beauty of Kenya is that change is possible. Where there are chances – Kenya will take the lead, explore and pioneer. The Dutch contribute mostly through smart solutions and smoothening organizational processes that will guarantee success in implementation.

circular brochure

You can find the full brochure here.

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