Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture submitted CAP Strategic Plan

On 25 February, after approval by the Council of Ministers, the draft of Bulgaria's Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy (2023-2027) was submitted by Minister of Agriculture Ivan Ivanov to the European Commission. 

Bulgarian ministry team
Bulgarian MinAgri team on CAP Strategic Plan

Through the draft, the Ministry of Agriculture aims to implement several key priorities: stimulating the consumption of Bulgarian quality products at affordable prices, encouraging Bulgarian farmers to be competitive in European markets, and directing funds to the development of rural areas.

The draft strategic plan, which amounts to more than 8 billion euro, has been prepared with the participation of the agricultural sector. The cabinet approved an increase from 15 to 60 % in the national co-financing for rural development in order to compensate for the reduced funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, and to boost agricultural and economic growth.

Before receiving the approval of the EC on its Strategic Plan, Bulgaria, together with all other Member States, will receive comments from the Commission services, to which it must respond. By the end of the year, all strategic plans must be approved, and implemented in 2023.

Source: BTA.bg