Final episode of radio and podcast series with Jungle Talks to India

‘Jungle Talks to the World’, the radio and podcast series on global Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is coming to an end this Thursday 23 December with a final episode on India. Presenter Ed Smit interviews Agricultural Counsellor Michiel van Erkel, Manish Jain of KF Bioplant, Robert de Bos of Bangalore Plants First and Uday Bhat, director of Koppert Biological Systems India on the challenges and opportunities in this enormous country. India has all the potential to develop into a leading producer of flowers, potted plants and vegetables, but that will not be easy.

India is a huge country with huge cities and a logistic system that is not yet ready to process perishables. This problem won’t be solved from one day to the other. What solutions can be thought of? Even more local for local? Private investment in closed cool chains? What can foreign parties (public or private) do to improve this?

Such challenges, but also the opportunities connected to them are comparable to topics that have been discussed in previous episodes of ‘Jungle Talks to the World’.

‘In the past months I’ve learned a lot about CEA in different countries,’ says Ed Smit. ‘And in addition, I am thankful we could build such a fantastic network by putting the spotlight on the network of agricultural counsellors around the world, but also by interviewing leading local and Dutch entrepreneurs abroad. To me that mix proved to be very valuable, but also a lot of fun. In my opinion the Netherlands is definitely a frontrunner when it comes to knowledge and technology, but in the field of production I really am impressed and admire also how local entrepreneurs or Dutch companies abroad do their thing, I reckon we can learn a lot from them.’

‘Now ‘Jungle Talks to the World’ is drawing to a close, it makes me a little sad, but I do hope that in the future I could do something similar again, so if you have any ideas in that direction, do contact me!’ says Ed.

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