Radio program on horticulture in Singapore

Do you want to know more about the current developments around protected horticulture in Singapore? Tune in and listen on Thursday 14 October and Thursday 21 October (16.00 – 17.00 u CET) to the next broadcasts of 'Jungle Talks to the world'. Both the agricultural counsellor Joost van Uum (stationed in Jakarta) and agricultural advisor Sabine Poelmann (stationed in Singapore) will participate together with other guest speakers, CEO's from different companies active in this area.

City state Singapore is maybe not the first destination that comes to mind as a hotbed for horticultural innovations. However, its ambitious 30/30 plan: making sure that 30% of all fresh produce needed for its inhabitants is being produced within its borders by 2030, does put the spotlight on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and all that is necessary and desirable to actually turn this ambition into reality. Therefore ‘Jungle Talks to the World’ travels to Asia again to find out more about Singapore and CEA, its current situation and its future.

Guest speakers

Agricultural Counsellor Joost van Uum (based at the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta) together with agricultural advisor Sabine Poelmann (based at the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore) will kick off this session with a general overview of what is going on in Singapore today when it comes to CEA, especially in the light of the 30/30 ambition. Afterwards, Peter Barber, CEO and co-owner of Comcrop will share experiences in rooftop farming. Thomas Ruiter is involved in more ‘traditional’ greenhouse production for Agri Solutions Asia, how does that work in city state Singapore? Lastly, Vivek Jadhav, CEO of Precede will tell the audience more about indoor farming and its future in Singapore.


Presenter Ed Smit will introduce his guests during the first episode on October 14. They will dive into various themes the week after, on October 21, such as labor, energy and sustainability. In addition, he and his guests will take the audience fast forward to January 1, 2030: Is Singapore for at least 30% self-sufficient and the food produced in an efficient and sustainable way? Or is that percentage even much higher? Has Singapore become a beacon of hope for future generations where it comes to food production?

Tune in or listen back

If you’re interested to know more about Singapore, do not miss these episodes of Jungle Talks to the World. In two hours you’ll get a good overview of the current situation in horticulture and how its ambitions will impact the future. Tune in on Thursday 14 October and 21 October at 16.00 CET via  

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