Water Cleanup Day in Ukraine

It’s a dirty job, but someone gotta do it! Ten members of the Embassy Kyiv team joined NL Waterway Cleanup at Yordanske lake in Kyiv. In less than two hours we collected more than 250 kilograms of waste!

Clean waters for resilient cities!

Water Cleanup Day in Ukraine

☀️Summer is over, and in addition to memories, there are also annoying consequences of picnics, barbecues and beach parties.

✅While picking bottles, wrappers, packaging of well-known and not so well-known brands, we not only cleared the path to the newly arranged beach, but we also discussed the problems of consuming unhealthy food, drinks, alcohol and smoking. 🍬🍾🧃🚬🛍🧻📺🥤🩲💉

This was a very useful experience for our team.

World Cleanup Day Ukraine 2021_1

Improper waste management, partly spurred by consumerism, has caused a serious problem worldwide. Unwanted litter is flowing into our seas and rivers, that should be healthy lifelines of our cities. Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic – mostly single-use products – end up in our oceans, joining 5 gyres of the Great Pacific Garbage Patches.

We need to act quickly. The Netherlands is committed to contribute to and learn from others to create a water-secure and sustainable world with various initiatives. And on World Cleanup Day, we take action by hosting a wave of NL Waterway Cleanups across different cities and time zones. Let’s clean water for resilient cities!

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